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Alabama Football vs Arkansas: Second Half Open Thread

21-6 at the half

NCAA Football: Arkansas at Alabama John David Mercer-USA TODAY Sports

Alabama’s offense got out to a bit of a slow start the first couple of drives on this one, but a 79-yard deep ball to Kobe Prentice on a beautifully designed route combo led to scores on three straight drives for Alabama, mostly with Jalen Milroe going downfield. Alabama’s QB is now 7-10 for a ridiculous 215 yards and a couple of touchdowns, plus another touchdown on a QB sneak.

Alabama’s run game has gotten a few nice runs in, and sophomore Jam Miller and freshman Justice Haynes have both gotten more early playing time at running back than we’ve seen all season.

Alabama’s defense gave up some yards on the first two drives of the game, but eventually stopped both drives to hold them to field goals, and then only gave up 17 total yards on the next four drives after that.

Roll Tide, and let’s up keep the pressure in the second half.