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Alabama Crimson Tide at Texas A&M Aggies Second Half Thread


Swing 'em.
Swing ‘em.

So...that was a suboptimal first half.

By way of a quick recap: Alabama’s running game is getting demolished by the Aggie front; and, as we feared, the offensive line is struggling — taking repeated penalties and surrendering four sacks. The Tide has been able to generate some momentum in the passing game. Texas A&M came into this one surrendering a lot of explosive plays, and the Tide is cashing in there. Milroe doesn’t look rattled either, though his accuracy is leaving a lot to be desired.

Defensively, UA has done a decent job: Texas A&M isn’t able to run consistently, but the ones they do get seem to always put Aggie in front of the chains. Some iffy flags, combined with some well-above average accuracy from Max Johnson, is then converting them. Honestly, as efficient as A&M has been, this game could easily be a 14-20 point deficit.

Intangibles are playing a factor here as well: Some bad coaching, particularly around rotation (I don’t need to see Roydell get another carry TBH; Elijah Prichett was put in and promptly got a flag and whooped); really generous home officiating; boneheaded penalties and some blown assignments are mattering too.

Alabama needed the perfect game in College Station, and it has not gotten it. However, for all of the negatives, the Tide finds itself down by just seven, with UA getting the ball back at the half, trailing just 17-10.

Grab your butts. Let’s see if a different, more disciplined Crimson Tide can emerge out of the locker room and claw out a victory.

What are your thoughts on the first half? Reactions?