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The Jumbo Package │01.28.14

Your daily dose of Crimson Tide related links and quotes

Matthew Emmons-US PRESSWIRE

The 5 hardest college football positions to recruit -

It's not that hard to tell a good running back from a great one. And an outstanding punter is relatively easy to spot. But what about players in the trenches? Or what about cornerbacks?

Interesting breakdown on which positions are the hardest to recruit. #1 may surprise you but when you think of the talent disparity when it comes to high school football, especially in the trenches, the offensive line is by far the hardest to evaluate.

Alabama baseball team ranked No. 21 - Decatur Daily: Alabama Sports

The Crimson Tide opens the season Feb. 14 against Saint Louis in game one of a three-game series from Sewell-Thomas Stadium. The Crimson Tide returns 21 players, including five position starters and four starting pitchers, from the 2013 NCAA Regional squad.

Highlighting the list of returners are freshman all-Americans Mikey White at shortstop and Ray Castillo on the mound, along with 2013 gold glove second baseman Kyle Overstreet. Alabama also returns starters in junior right fielder Ben Moore, sophomore center fielder Georgie Salem and sophomore Chance Vincent, who ended the season as the designated hitter.

The team is already playing pre-season games and I've even seen #BamaBaseball tweets cross my timeline the last few weeks, which puts a smile on my face. Once again, Roger will be covering the team and supplying us with updates on the team. Hopefully the team lives up the top 25 pre-season ranking and returns to the post season.

Anthony Grant: College basketball officiating is inconsistent after rules changes |

But Grant has concerns about the consistency of calls. "What's been inconsistent is the block/charge and guys drive to the rim and the contact that takes place," Grant said. "Sometimes if you forearm a guy and you're driving it's a foul. Sometimes you can ride a guy to the rim and it's not. It's just got to get where it's consistent. I think it's not just an SEC deal. I think it's a national deal. This is the first year that this emphasis has been in place. So like anything else, the more it's emphasized, the better and more consistent it will get."

Before the season, many SEC coaches supported the new emphasis to clean up the game but expressed concern over the consistency of the officiating.

"We'll adjust and our teams will adjust, but we need it to be consistent," Grant said. "Just being honest with you, I don't think it's been that case. And when you deal with different crews, some guys obviously have a way that they officiate games that are different than others. All we want is the consistency."

Vinnie Sunseri says he's ready for NFL, reflects on final pitch from Nick Saban, Kirby Smart to stay |

"Coach has his process and how he wants to handle certain things," Sunseri said on the afternoon radio show. "He really wanted me to stay. Him and Coach (Kirby) Smart did everything they could to keep me to stay. For me, it's not about the money. I just want to be as successful as I can and I feel like I'm ready to take that next step and prove myself in the NFL."

Best of luck to Vinnie but I'll wait until I see him on a NFL roster before expressing my true feelings on this subject...

The Florida State process:-

How Jimbo Fisher combined the best of Bobby Bowden and Nick Saban to build a new champion in Tallahassee

Two things  currently annoy me about the FSU fan base and neither are founded on anything but silliness.

1. The use of the term Roll Tribe. Seriously, FSU, get your own thing and stop stealing other teams' traditions. ESPN didn't create a commercial  based on the phrase Go Noles. Why? Cause it sounds stupid. Roll Tide is awesome and everyone knows it. (I guess that's why you tried to steal it)

2. When Jimbo and their fans use the word Process. I know Saban hasn't copyrighted the term Process yet but he certainly made it famous. And every time some Nole uses the word Process my blood starts to boil a little. Again, come up with your won words and stop stealing ours.


Coaches tab Alabama softball to finish 3rd in SEC |

That will belong to Florida, which was picked by the league's coaches Monday to finish atop the conference. The Crimson Tide received one first-place vote and landed third behind the Gators and Tennessee.

Spring sports are about to hit high gear and the Softball team looks to be strong once again. CB will be covering the team this year and will do his best to keep the site updated on how the ladies are doing. Roll Murphy!