Founded in 2008 by Salman Lakhani, Cubix is a digital product development agency. With the sincere intention of revolutionizing the digital product development sector, Mr. Salman has made enormous exertions to make Cubix the top E-commerce development company, as recently certified by GoodFirms’ research.

Cubix has its branches in Washington DC, USA , and Dubai, UAE, along with a production house in Karachi, Pakistan. The company is growing leaps and bounds each day, by utilizing their innovative approach of giving the best to its clients.

Recently GoodFirms conducted an exclusive interview with Mr.Salman Lakhani, CEO of Cubix – a B2B research platform, wherein he talked about his journey of shaping Cubix as one of the highly regarded digital product development companies across the globe.

During the interview with GoodFirms, he mentioned that Cubix deals in mobile application development, game app development, augmented reality, big data, and related technologies. Also, the firm’s team is deeply regarded for creating development grade software platforms for their clients. Starting from the core of all projects, their 100+ employees have successfully rendered services to more than 500 global clients.

Mr. Lakhani mentioned the ideals of the company since its establishment. He cited that his main role comes under implementing business strategies and brand building. He also vividly expressed that the agency has served various niche clients from industries like e-commerce, health and fitness, entertainment, cosmetics, wearables, marketplace, food, and drinks,

Moreover, he also stated that Cubix believes in the concept of an in-house team of developers, designers, engineers, project managers, and digital marketers. Working under the same roof brings a higher amount of transparency and shoves productivity, resulting in speedily developing & delivering of products.

Along with this, in terms of application development, he cites that they are well- versed in creating apps for Android and iOS platforms. Further, he takes pride that his firm’s developers have proven their excellence in America by delivering highly scalable iOS-based apps. Their great expertise in building apps using iOS leads them among top iPhone app developers at GoodFirms.

Apart from this, Mr. Salman mentions that all their developments begin after thorough research of the products.The team executes this practice by maintaining regular consultations with their clients. Thus, with this open process, the firm successfully shapes unique, innovative, and high-quality solutions for its clients.

Signifying their punctuality, he says that his team meticulously plans and decides the timeframe for the projects. By following agile practices, they succeed in satisfying their clients, resulting in a huge client repeat rate.

Mr. Salman also talks about his experience with GoodFirms, stating that getting listed on the platform has boosted their credibility among the clients. The technology Cubix deploys has made a substantial contribution, helping it in reaching new heights.

Read the detailed interview for getting insights into Cubix’s tech mantra!

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