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2023 Blog Poll Week 8 — The PAC 12 eats its own; bad quarterback play runs rampant in the SEC

We all love some Beavers, right?

2023 Blog Poll Week 7: Guess who’s back in the Top 10?

The quietest Top 10 team in America?

2023 Blog Poll Week 6: SEC climbs, Wazzu joins the Top 3, Texas reclaims the crown

It was (mostly) a good day to be a ranked SEC team

2023 Blog Poll Week 5: This week we’re gonna’ party like it’s 1994

The more things change...

2023 Blog Poll Week 4: A lot of contenders looked terrible, but there was surprisingly little chaos

Giant trash fire

2023 Blog Poll Week 3: Tide Tumbles, Texas Towers To Top

Texas scores the best win of the season, and is duly rewarded

2023 Blog Poll Week 2: Is the PAC 12 the deepest conference in the country?

You have to admit, the Left Coast looks as good as we’ve ever seen it.

2023 Blog Poll Week 1: Quarterback play — and the lack of it — defines our Preseason Top 25

Number 1, you know. But it’s who’s lurking around the rest of the Top 10 that will likely shape 2023

Here Comes The Rat Poison: For the first time in 20 years, Alabama Basketball is No. 1

That bullseye on ‘Bama’s back just grew exponentially larger.

Alabama Basketball vaults to No. 2 in the AP Poll

Tide’s meteoric rise under Coach Nate Oats continues

Doing More With Less: Coach Bo leads Alabama Baseball to Top 25 ranking in D1 Preseason Poll

Alabama checks in at No 20 in Baseball Preseason Poll

2022 Blog Poll Season Finale: For 2023, the rest of the Top 10 is more interesting than who’s No. 1

Number 1, you know. But it’s who’s lurking around the rest of the Top 10 that will likely shape 2023

2022 Blog Poll Regular Season Finale — Don’t schedule quality teams; don’t leave your fate to others

After weeks of whining, access sports media got their wish.

2022 Blog Poll Week 13: PAC 12 Football: Full of sound and derp, signifying nothing

Because I’m not sold on this proposition

2022 Blog Poll Week 12 — Narrow escapes and officiating gifts define a weekend of upsets

When your defense makes Spencer Rattler look competent...

2022 Blog Poll Week 11 — Just when you think the ACC is not cold barbecue served in a dirty ashtray

Just when you think you can trust them, the ACC reaffirms all those old stereotypes

2022 Blog Poll Week 10: Georgia doesn’t have many tough games, but at least they’re all at home!

The stars have aligned for the ‘Dawgs to slaughter some hopeless 4-seed

2022 Blog Poll: Bye Week Edition — And the best team at the midseason mark is...

There is an uncomfortable number of teams I hate lurking around the top.

2022 Blog Poll: Week 6 — Don’t think we didn’t see those seven quarters of Mizzou and Auburn

Not much is going to change at the top.

2022 Blog Poll: Week 5: If you have to win ONE GAME are you taking Drinkwitz, Harsin or Jimbo?

You screw around with a terrible Mizzou team, you get dropped. Deservedly

2022 Blog Poll: Week 4 — The whole state of Kansas flexes its muscles

In football. Yes, I know. It’s perverse to me too.

2022 Blog Poll Week 3 — Despicable nationwide coaching malpractice upends Top 25

And Arkansas has quietly put together the nation’s best résumé

Blog Poll Top 25: Week 1 — Alabama, Georgia didn’t go anywhere, but how good were the wins?

Alabama and Georgia didn’t go anywhere.

Who Needs A Blog Poll: Final Rankings for the 2021-2022 Season

I almost put Alabama first, because their body of work is better...and F’ Kirby Smart, that’s why.

Who Needs A Blog Poll 2021: Penultimate Edition Re-Rank

Are there really just two more weeks left?

Who Needs a Blog Poll: Week 11 — Audience Participation Week!

Godspeed trying to make a Top 25!

Who Needs a Blog Poll 2021: Post-Bye Week rethink

The data are in, and your team probably sucks

Who Needs A Blog Poll 2021: Week 7 — Oklahoma, Alabama finally looked like playoff teams

It took a half of a season, but the Sooners and Crimson Tide finally appeared as-advertised in crucial games against solid conference foes.

Who Needs a Blog Poll 2021: Week 7 — Defense is back en vogue

What do the vast majority of the nation’s Top 10 teams have in common? It’s not necessarily a high-flying offense

Who Needs a Blog Poll 2021: Week 5 — Is it really just Alabama, Georgia and then everyone else?

Who’s our new No. 1?

Who Needs A Blog Poll Week 4: All kneel before our piggie overlords

They earned it.

Who Needs A Blog Poll 2021: Week 3 — Maybe everyone kind of sucks this year?

Try picking out a No. 1 and coherently defending, I dare you.


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