Florida, January – Cubix is participating at the Startup Grind Global Conference 2020 on February 11-12, 2020, in Silicon Valley.

Startup Grind is a platform for startups, tech giants, and industry leaders to connect and find inspirations for new ventures. It is an excellent medium for aspiring entrepreneurs to gain insights into the brilliant minds, educate themselves, and find tech partners for their projects.

Startup Grind is a two-day conference where investors, venture capitalists, speakers, and entrepreneurs come from all over the world. It is scheduled for February 11-12, 2020, and Cubix is proud to participate for the first time. Join Cubix in the MainStage, Fox Theatre, and Booth #27!

Mr. Salman Lakhani, CEO of Cubix, will represent the company at the Startup Grind Global Conference at Broadway St, Redwood City, California. He will speak in an exclusive workshop educating young entrepreneurs about the need to build mobile apps and the development processes it entails. He will discuss how to build mobile apps and conduct a Q/A session to solve any queries that arise.

“We are participating in the Startup Grind for the very first time, and enticed to have the opportunity to discover global technological needs. The startup industry is on the boom, and our tech solutions are customized to cater to clients’ individual business needs,” said Mr. Salman Lakhani, CEO, Cubix.

Startup Grind is a tremendous opportunity to connect with startups, investors, and development agencies from around the globe. Cubix is an award-winning software development company, eager to exhibit its years of experience at the conference for the first time. Cubix will showcase its cutting-edge, industry-leading solutions and services for the young generation of entrepreneurs.

We aim to build our network and connect with emerging startups and large-scale enterprises. Cubix will bring its best to the platform to inspire and help businesses improve their ROI.