As a successful mobile app development company, Cubix always strives to make easy to use, innovative, exciting and helpful apps for its customers worldwide. Our excellence in app development, both iOS and Android versions motivates us to take up advanced challenges and cater for any untapped potential in the app development industry.

Being spoken of by major websites such as Buzzfeed, Chicago Tribune and Mashable was indeed an achievement in itself

Recently, in collaboration with our partner “Glimmer Industries“, we came up with a brilliant idea of formulating an app that would serve a unique segment of our target market. The result was Glimmer. Who would have visualized an app that would serve the social networking needs of special, yet gifted individuals? They might have visualized it, but cubix successfully materialized it. This dedicated app had made headlines throughout the world and was appreciated by critics who were marveled by the idea of a separate interacting platform for special people.

Initially, it seemed as an ‘impossible to execute’ task due to the unavailability of any other similar app in the industry. But since Cubix operates in accordance with the concept of innovation, we strive to convert the status of the ‘impossible’ to ‘executed’. These days, maintaining a presence on the social platforms have become a necessity. As a gesture of empathy, we greatly felt the need for a platform who are mentally or physically challenged. We aimed to eliminate the handicap that would lead to inferiority complexes and hurtful aftermaths.

It is pertinent to mention that 1 in every 5 individuals worldwide is challenged either physically or mentally. Definitely, many of them are deprived of a healthy social life and look up to the normal people as being blessed. This is where Glimmer comes to rescue. No more vows for anyone now. The app comes at a low price, can be availed by synchronizing with leading social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram, and offers some impressive features such as unlimited likes, and a real time chat facility.

Already, the app has ensured its presence in major websites such as Buzzfeed and Mashable. Who knows, this app might actually take social networking and online dating to new heights.

Disabled people need to be more social. We just realized that!

Cubix is a pioneer in developing high-quality applications, but there are instances when we fully dedicate our resources towards an entirely diverse objective i.e. ensuring the fulfillment of the needs of the society. Untapped social issues further aggravate to moral ills and crime. Our involvement can minimize them to a maximum extent. Glimmer is one such example of our assignment.

This app helped us fulfill our objective of upstaging hidden individuals and their capabilities. No more hiding behind the curtain because of fear or deprivation. Technology has done so much for normal persons, it can do wonders for special ones too.

It is our utmost hope that Glimmer turns itself into an app that not only gives special people a platform where they can socialize on but also help them gain more confidence among themselves. Additionally, we also expect that with this wonderful app, people will be able to find that they truly are beautiful – and their difference is what makes them unique and apart from the rest.

Furthermore, we aspire to create a perception that a disabled person is one way or the other, more able!