Karachi, Pakistan, April 3, 2020 – Cubix is not laying off any employee in the COVID-19 fiasco. The business dynamics, whatever they may be, will not impact the employees associated with us.

Cubix values its employees like a family. These are challenging times, one that we have not seen before. Nobody knows the right or quick way to come out of it, yet we must look after each other and care for those associated with us. Cubix is doing the same for its employees. We are committed to maintaining our workforce in terms of numbers and compensation. The business is facing tremendous challenges, but Cubix will not trickle down the struggle to its employees.

Our relationship with our employees is not just limited to good days. We are together through thick and thin, as we always have been. Each of our members are part of the Cubix family, and their concerns are ours. We don’t just call our employees family members but also treat them likewise, in fact, we were amongst the early adopters of social distancing and implemented Work From Home at the earliest. We prioritize our team over everything else.

We assure you that no employee will be laid off. Times are difficult, but together, we can survive them.

COVID-19 has stopped the world in ways we hadn’t imagined before. We have taken a series of measures to survive the pandemic in the best possible way. We have decided to:

  • A temporary reduction in salary for the majority of employees for three months, ranging from 15% to 50%. Junior-level employees are exempted from salary reduction.
  • When the situation settles, employees will receive the total amount deducted and the management will make a payment plan for it.
  • We are postponing or canceling other expenditures to allocate the necessary resources to our employees.
  • The CEO of Cubix will take a 100% salary cut for three months.

‘We chose to implement temporary salary reductions, so we don’t have to downsize. We don’t want to layoff our employees. But survival requires tough decisions. We are reducing salaries to retain our talent. We promise to resume business as usual as soon as the crisis settles’ Salman Lakhani, CEO Cubix

Cubix has also pulled the plug on one of its investments in graphic design, since the entire business was in loss since the past 4-5 months.

We are looking forward to resuming operations with the entire team that was part of Cubix before the crisis. Stay safe and take care of your loved ones!