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Overcome industry hurdles with augmented realitydevelopment that offers image-oriented scenarios within real settings.
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Technologies we work with




Vuforia for Development of Augmented Reality Applications


Explore the most widely used platform to develop breathtaking AR applications for leading phones, tablets, and eyewear for the Android, iOS, and UWP

Create outstanding AR experiences for your audience who can interact with objects that look real in a selected scenario.

Android Studio for Development of Augmented Reality Applications

Android Studio

Enjoy convenience with both design and code features as you build applications for Android phones, tablets, Android Wear, Android TV, and Android Auto.

With a convenient drag and drop function, convert your design into code with two programming languages, JAVA and Kotlin.

Unity3D for Development of Augmented Reality Applications


Grip users with powerful technologies by building real-time 3D assets to meet your game needs with animation for Films, Automotive, Architecture, etc.

Leverage a leading platform for real-time development with a vibrant ecosystem perfectly designed to meet your needs.

Arkit for Development of Augmented Reality Applications


ARKit brings your applications to life with amazing options, allowing you to develop immersive and featured-rich gaming applications that hook users.

With ARKit solutions, you possess the power to deliver experiences with the potential to generate significant revenue.

Arcore for Development of Augmented Reality Applications


Detect surfaces and understand the reality are the major features of ARCore. With ARCore technology, we can develop a unique and outstanding gaming app.

Our technical expertise in ARCore allows us to develop games that let you interact with your target audience efficiently.

Mysql for Development of Augmented Reality Applications


Manage your data through a relational database management system based on SQL to ensure stable e-commerce, data warehousing, and logging applications.

Ensure stability and robustness for all your projects that access vast amounts of data through PHP and java-based apps.

Sqlite for Development of Augmented Reality Applications


SQLite makes your gaming app among the top-ranking app without making it heavy. Due to which your app will remain the most recommendable gaming apps.

SQLite is another amazing software, it's an in-process library, and coding is available in our high-profile projects.

Java for Development of Augmented Reality Applications


Java helps you build scalable and robust gaming apps with superb cross-platform ability to outrun your competitors with simply remarkable results.

Enjoy a convenient development experience and deliver excellent Java-based apps that grow and expand.

Java Script for Development of Augmented Reality Applications

Java Script

Build your game by leveraging various tools and platforms on JavaScript to build a full-fledged experience that attracts and rivets a range of gamers.

Ensure game development success and enjoy a smooth path to developing games with a minimum of obstacles.

C# for Development of Augmented Reality Applications


Interact with users by harnessing C#, a popular programming language for game development that delivers cross-platform compatibility for maximum outreach.

Leverage C# with advanced back-end servers to unleash the power and versatility of object-oriented language.

Augmented Reality Development Process


Development begins with complete system requirements laid out to ensure proper technology decisions that, in turn, help to fulfill user roles and procedures.


We establish product appearance, engagement features, and affirm the user experience through every step before proceeding with planning each release phase.


We move forward into the production phase with detailed, development-geared specifics, estimated delivery time, cost projection, and a launch phase plan.

Quality Control

We monitor the development phase while running cycles for quality assurance under an optimized and robust project management methodology with standard tools.

Renowned augmented reality app development

In the next 12 months, AR users will number around 1.96 billion globally. During the same period, AR users will account for 85 million in the US. By 2023, mobile augmented reality (AR) users will be around 2.4 billion.

Recognized among global leading mobile app development companies, Cubix builds thriving augmented reality solutions. With experienced and skilled developers, designers, and strategists, the company leads the way in AR tech and also a variety of mobile app development solutions.

We develop enterprise-grade software solutions for businesses.

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