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Jumbo Package: Clemson “hopeful” that Dabo would stay if Bama called

...and other Crimson Tide news and notes

AllState Sugar Bowl - Clemson v Alabama Photo by Sean Gardner/Getty Images

Happy Friday, everyone. While Saban is hard at work assembling his staff, a Clemson writer is musing about the day that Nick rides off into the sunset.

“I certainly hope that we’ve been able to demonstrate to Dabo that you can get to the highest level right here at Clemson, and he’s been able to do that. So there’s so many positives about the university,” Radakovich said. “We have a great Board of Trustees. We have an incredible president. We have some alignment going there that has allowed us to do our job, and I think that you don’t find that everywhere, but we have it here. I think that’s a big X factor.”

Oh hi, offseason. Not sure what prompted this question at this time, but the answer certainly doesn’t exude confidence. I don’t know if Dabo would be Alabama’s first choice whenever Saban leaves, but he’d likely be on the short list. Whether Mama calling would be enough to pull him away from what he’s built over there is another question. Hopefully it will be a while yet before it needs an answer.

Oh, Louisiana’s governor thinks Saban is overpaid.

“I saw the other day where a statement was made — can’t remember who it was, but I think it was someone from the NCAA — that it may be time to look at imposing limits on what the entire staff can be paid. Otherwise, you’re going to have the haves and have-nots and so forth. It’s a real problem,” Edwards said. “I don’t blame any individual for getting what the market will bear. I just don’t think the market should bear that.”

Edwards, who earned his law degree at LSU, has enjoyed a tight relationship with the team since taking office in 2016. A former high school quarterback at Amite, he took in an LSU practice in December, throwing passes to receivers like DJ Chark, Russell Gage and others.

What John really meant was, “We spent how much on coaches to go 9-4????”

Carlson and Scott, each learned this week, will also be sharing a wedding anniversary. The two each got engaged last year -- Carlson in July before SEC Media Day and Scott in December after the regular season ended -- and both married their now-wives on Jan. 13 after their college careers came to an end.

Fellow newlyweds Carlson and Scott should have been on the same team in Tuscaloosa form a fantastic kicking tandem, but have you seen the QB rosters? The North squad has Baker Mayfield plus Josh Allen, Luke Falk, and Tanner Lee. The South has Kurt Benkert from UVA, Kyle Lauletta from Richmond, Brandon Silvers from Troy and Mike White from WKU.

Seems fair.

The school has officially announced a couple of the staff hires.

“Josh Gattis is an outstanding addition to our coaching staff,” Crimson Tide coach Nick Saban said. “He is a sharp, young coach who did a great job at Penn State and Vanderbilt before that, and we believe he will bring great energy to our program. He is an excellent recruiter and knows what he is doing in terms of coaching wide receivers and building relationships with the players. We are happy to welcome his wife Tesa and their son Jace to the Crimson Tide program.”

Reading up on Gattis is exciting. He seems to have an infectious, positive attitude that permeates the organization. He is only 34 years old, one of the top recruiters in the country, and his players love him. Here’s hoping we can keep him around a while.

“We are excited to announce the addition of Karl Scott to our defensive staff,” Saban said in a statement. “He is a bright, young football coach who boasts a lot of experience coaching the secondary. He does an excellent job in terms of teaching the players, and he is someone we believe will be a tremendous asset in recruiting. We welcome his wife Taron and their daughter Kina Bailey to Tuscaloosa.”

Scott seems to be more of a long play, but he is again known as a high energy guy. I don’t think it’s a coincidence that Saban has hired three coaches - Pete Golding, Jeff Banks, and now Scott - with deep ties to Texas this offseason. With Clemson and UGA providing stiff competition in the Peach state, it makes sense to try and establish more of a foothold to the west. Lupoi should continue to pull some California kids, too.

Da’Shawn Hand

The latest: Da’Shawn Hand has been one of the players the NFL Network has been watching closely at the Senior Bowl, with analysts Mike Mayock saying during a broadcast, “He needs to show he can get to the quarterback; he’s already stout in the run game.” Hand has also been working at defensive tackle, which may be his eventual position.

Projected round: 3rd-4th round

Hand has all of the tools, but his get-off was slow at times and he still needs to develop some moves. As stated, he is likely to follow the Courtney Upshaw path and end up as a 3-tech guy.

Bobby Williams, who has been with the Crimson Tide since 2008, is heading west to be an assistant coach at Oregon. He spent two years in an off-the-field position while his new job is reportedly back on the field.

Williams will be the tight ends coach for Oregon, 247Sports reported.

Bobby and Mario, together again.

Last but not least, Lane is back at the tweeting.

Not sure what to make of this one. FAU is obviously not competing for any Alabama recruits. Oh, and *your.

That’s about it for today. Have a great weekend.

Roll Tide.