The biggest ICT exhibition across 3 large regions including South Asia, the Middle East, and Africa, over 400 companies hailing from 100+ countries, the 38th Gitex Technology Week proved to be stellar for exhibitors and business organizations.

Inaugurated by Crown Prince of Dubai Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, the event was studded with the presence of world’s leading organizations such as Oracle, Microsoft, IBM, Google, Alibaba, Amazon, etc. Apart from the blue-chip companies, numerous startups, software development companies, and digital product development companies took an active part in the exhibition by showcasing their distinctive products and services.

Cubix made it to the Gitex for the first time, and it proved to be an unforgettable experience by all means. As a digital product development company, team Cubix presented demonstrations of futuristic technological solutions to potential visitors including government officials, angel investors, startup founders, techprenuers, and tech professionals.

After providing top of the line business solutions the world’s leading organizations such as Estee Lauder, Politico, PayPal, Sony, Canon, Tissot, Sapient, etc. Cubix seeks to contribute in the transformation of the GCC region by empowering private and government projects via its next-gen digital solutions. Be it AI, Cloud, Blockchain, IoT, AR or VR, the company demonstrated its potential of integrating disruptive technologies into multi-million dollar projects.

The solutions cherished by visitors were:

On-demand delivery On-demand delivery offers last-mile logistics delivery management. The platform comes with a web dashboard and an iOS & Android based delivery app.

Cubix Commerce Designed to be adapted by fashion, food and retail, healthcare, etc. The new marketplace platform is powered by business intelligence and cloud architecture to take your business miles ahead.

HappyForce HappyForce is a data-driven HR platform that proves to be a one window mobile-app solution to convert the business workforce (mostly unengaged ones) into the happy-force (fully engaged ones).

A full employee life-cycle workplace solution with onboarding, e-learning, employee engagement, and collaboration features integrated with HRMS to in-house Social Networking.

Cubix HERO A massively multiplayer online RPG (Role playing game) and strategy game engine, where a game or lead character can start as a novice in the game-world, and eventually with victories over the foes can level-up becoming a leader.

Insight-Machine With its DAPP Builder wizard, it helps enterprises to hop on a blockchain bandwagon with a minimum level of efforts. A simple POC with smart contract capable of handling multiple parties (business entities) to support an asset exchange can be produced within a couple of minutes.

Cubix-Chain This platform is powered by distributed ledger technology and includes features like Participant-Onboarding, Digital-Assets Importing, Smart-Contract Composing & Publishing, Exchange Progress Tracking & Witness Logging.

Cubix Kifayat A FinTech Platform, that with its AI, NLP, Analytics and Machine-Learning algorithms. It uplifts unbanked & underbanked masses from a level of financial unawareness to the level of “ financial wellness ” by leading them to the best financial product at a given time.

With extensive experience of over a decade, Cubix knows the value of business relationships and participating in the Gitex Technology Week was among numerous steps to communicate with clients, prospects, and professionals with an approach to diversify the global tech ecosystem.