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Boxing Day Ramblings

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This is going to be kind of random and all over the place. Some of it will be sports related, much of it will not.

First of all, for all of our readers in the UK and the Commonwealth, I hope you're having a great Boxing Day. Hope everyone else has had a good holiday so far.

It's hard to believe that the Godfather of Soul has passed away. Go out and buy this record immediately if you don't own it. You'll thank me later.

I've listened to "Think" about 500 times in a row.

Joe Kines has said that he's finished coaching if he's not retained by whoever the new head coach is. He wants to be near family in Alabama and is tired of moving around. Coach Kines, who is a veritable quote machine gave us this gem in the article:

"My next move is going to be to heaven. Moving trucks are not going to be pulling up at my house. I'm not leaving here to go somewhere else. I'm not going to coach at Idaho State Teachers College next year."

Thanks for the memories Coach Kines. I always enjoyed your clever banter with the media and I typically enjoyed your defenses. Now go out there and beat the Cowboys so you'll have a 1.000 mark as a head coach at Bama.

Our endorsement of MTSU...generating controversy

Many MAC fans seem to not think too much of this blog, its authors, our bowl previews or Southerners in general. This thread on a MAC message board uses our Motor City Bowl preview as:

"Further proof that signs of intelligent life in the State of Alabama have yet to be identified."

They also claim that we and/or all Southerners want "the South to rise again." I'm glad they could glean such insight into my personality and political views from a few throw away comments about a bowl very few people will be watching. We were also described as "dumbass crackers." Thanks for the stereotypes guys...and go MTSU! I'd be cheering them on anyway since I had two friends play QB at MTSU.

I hope you all got some cool gear for Christmas. I got some CDs I've been wanting for a while: Sufjan Stevens' Greetings from Michigan and his Seven Swans. My brother gave me Phish's new three disc set: Colorado '88. We'll be listening to that one on the way to Shreveport.

Speaking of Shreveport, we finally got our hotel situation sorted out. We'll be staying in Ruston, which is about 70 miles from Shreveport. If you know of anything happening to do in Ruston tomorrow night, drop us a line on the site, we'll have a laptop with us. Thursday will feature some tailgating with a visit to Memphis Tider, the game, and then some casino action.

Probably the main reason a bowl in Shreveport exists